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Newsletter for parents of students in Mrs. Duncan’s Math Class

How to Stay a Step Ahead of Your Child…

***HINT:  Past studies show that if students really try on the homework, they can pass my class.

Text Box:  Homework logs (weekly homework assignments) are given out on Monday (or the first day of the week). 

Students are expected to do homework on the day assigned (see sample Homework log).

Homework is collected on Fridays (or last day of the week) at the beginning of class.

Get your student used to staying on top of homework ON THEIR OWN, by doing spot checks (especially Thursday night).

What to expect…

Quizzes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on problems from the homework.

There is a Test every Friday.  Tests are based on problems from the homework.  Students may use homework and notes to help on their test.

We will review problem areas identified by a diagnostic test, focusing most immediately on areas covered by the standardized tests.

Generally, there will be homework Monday through Thursday.  See “How to Stay a Step Ahead…”

Please encourage students to take good care of their books and cover them.  Remember, if they lose the book, the fine is $55.

Sample Homework Log

Homework Log- Week 1


Objective: Review operations with decimals


9/22- Add and subtract decimals p.10-11 (#1-19) all

9/23- Multiply and divide decimals p.20 (#2-20) even

9/24- Multiple operations with decimals WS

9/25- Chapter Review p. 30 (#1-20)


Chapter 1 Test Friday 9/25_______________

Back-to-School Night is September 25

Expect Progress Reports after October 1

How to contact me…

Phone:  (510) 787-1081 ext. 204


In person:  Please call to make an appointment for a conference.

If your Student needs help…

I am available for homework help during Brunch periods everyday and Lunch on Thursdays.  Space is limited.  I am available for help after school by appointment only.