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As a group, decide on a name for your environmental consulting company.
Each group member needs to choose a role in your company.
Each role needs to be filled, so if your "company" is small, the duties need to be divided evenly.

Biological Analyst - Researches collecting and identifying biologicals indicating stream health.
                            Makes sketches of biologicals in water samples.
                            Identifies life forms found.
                            Other group members may assist if finished with their duties.

Chemical Analyst - Researches appropriate chemical tests for evaluating stream health.
                            Carries out all chemical tests.

Assistant Chemical Analyst - Researches appropriate data for past 5 years.
                            Assists Chemical analyst in timing tests, record keeping, and organization.
                            Keeps track of each person's contributions as time increments (ex. 43 minutes identifying biologicals - BA).
                            Assists IT Tech with report writing.

Informational Technologies Technician - Creates forms for daily duties (see above).
spreadsheets for data entry.
nters data for tables.
                            Makes graphs using Excel and/or other graphing programs.

                            Synthesizes results into final Powerpoint presentation.

Group members may assist each other for maximum efficiency,
            but only AFTER completing assigned duties.
Anyone finished early for the day should help with quality control and clean up.

All group members will review and report progress in a weekly company meeting.
Evaluate and make suggestions for improving efficiency.
Each group member MUST contribute effectively or be FIRED!