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John Swett High School

Mrs. Duncan’s Science Page


Mrs. Duncan


Voicemail:     510-787-1088 ext.252

Hi Everybody!

Don't forget to bring your old cell phones and batteries to my room!

School Fundraiser - Cell Phone Recycling and Ink Jet Cartridge Fundraiser

We are into the second quarter already!  Can you believe it?!?  

Start it off right!  If you didn't get the grade you wanted for first quarter, think about what you didn't do... Then CHANGE IT

Work on improving those study habits.  Don't wait until Thursday to do your homework.  If you haven't figured it out yet, it's hard to catch up! 

With the holidays coming, remember that with that extra time, an independent science project (written up in report form) can raise your grade.  

Come see me for ideas!

November  ~Mrs. Duncan



California Standards- Physics - Chemistry - Earth Science - Biology
                                  Lab Skills (Physical Science and Water Science) 

Homework Logs

Check Your Grades
Surfing the Web  - Physical Science

Links to Water Science

Science Project Stuff
Parent Section

                        Extracurricular Activities


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 Eat pork Homework Logs

Physical Science                    Water Science
Homework Log 10      due 11/9        

Homework Log 11      due 11/17         

Homework Log 12      due 11/22           WS Chapter 5 Study Guide 

Homework Log 13      due 12/1         

Homework Log 14      due 12/8      

End of 2nd Quarter Progress Report Period
Homework Log 15      due 12/15           WS  Study Guide 

Homework Log 16      due 12/22 

Winter Break / No School 12/23-1/7
Homework Log 17      due 1/12        WS  Study Guide
Homework Log 18      due 1/19
Homework Log 19      due on Day of Semester Final

Semester Finals Week: Finals Schedule 1/24-1/26
End of 2nd Quarter       
1/30/06            Battery/Cell Phone/Ink Project deadline 

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Study BreakCheck Your Grades

         How to Calculate your Grade  

Mrs. Duncan's Grades          

3rd Period                            

4th Period   - 4th Period                     

5th Period                            
6th & 7th Period                  

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Computer surfingSurfing the Web - Physical Science


Homework Help

Physical Science with Earth Science Online

The Physics Classroom - Work and Energy
                                     Work, Energy, and Power Tutorial
Fear of Physics

Daigger Utilities
Electric Study Guide

       United Streaming use Student Passcode: F9E9-2D37



Interactive games and puzzles


Top 20 Games

AAA math

Fun Brain

Math Baseball

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Microscope Links to Water Science


       The Water Planet Online
       California Tide Tables
       Tide and Current Predictor
       Tides and Water Levels
       Tides and Gravity Labs
        Nova - What Causes the Tides?
        Food Chain Mobile

       Oceans Alive! 

       Ocean Link
        RON Dichotomous Key       
        RON Plant Facts

        California Native Plant Society

Science Project / Lab Stuff

How will I be graded?  Rubric
Science Buddies
Create A Graph

California State Science Fair
Getting Started with your Project

                                IPL: Science Fair Project Resource Guide
                                The Ultimate Science Fair Resource
                                The Science Page
                                Science Projects
                                Flinn Scientific

Big 6 organizer

                                California Digital Library

       Career highlights:  Ocean Engineer 
       Careers in Oceanography
       More Careers in Oceanography
       Ocean / Marine related Careers
  Oceanography and your career
       Careers and Jobs in Marine or Aquatic Science
       Women Oceanographers
       California Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates
       Career Counseling
       Discover Engineering Online
       Junior Engineering Technical Society
       Tech Museum of Innovation
       Technology Benefiting Humanity- Global Giving
       Women's Technology Program at MIT
       Women in Technology International
       Worsley School Science Files

Water Science

    American Water Works Association

       Community Clean Water Institute
       Environmental Careers Organization
       Environmental Resources Center
       Go with the Flow
       Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
       Water Environment Federation
       Get It Strait Webquest

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Ukulele girlExtracurricular Activities

John Swett High School Website
Want to learn to hula? Na Mamo No’eau

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boy and turkey Parent  Section

New Student Newsletter

Grading Policy                  Water Science Grading Policy
John Swett High School Website

Each student should have the following materials for class each day:

Covered Textbook

At least 2 pencils

Pen for correcting


Lined paper and graph paper

Science Folder with pockets

3-ring Binder with Science section, labelled Starters, Homework, Labs

Optional, but recommended- Calculator

***  Please let me know if materials are a financial hardship so we can make other arrangements for your student.

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